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reloading the 45/70 with imr 4895. I have a few rifles in 45/70. I have either used black powder or 3031 to load them with. The Sharps gets the black and the Handi Rifle gets the 3031 but I am undecided on the 1895 cowboy, haven't really tested it yet at the range with reloads. I also reload for a number of other calibers and bought a bunch of ...

Just starting out to reload for the .45-70 and have been looking at various powders to use. (Note - I am not new to reloading and have been doing so since the mid 70's) Consistently IMR 3031 is shown as being a good across the board powder for this cartridge. I plan on strictly shooting 350 grain jacketed FP bullets with a standard large rifle ...Oct 3, 2022 · LApm9 posted this 24 October 2022. I had a puzzling experience with my .45-70 reduced loads today and would appreciate any analysis of the situation that you may be able to offer. The bullet vendor offered a table of loads supposedly supplied by Lyman. The bullet is said to be Lyman #457130 (150 gr.).

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I'm just starting to load this cartridge and have noticed quite a wide variance of powder loads for this. I have some reloader 7 that i'd like to use and found some bear creek 360g cast flat nose lead boolits and starline brass.It was carried as a carbine by saddle-sore troopers and rifle-musket by footsore infantrymen. Purists might say the proper designation is ".45-70-405"—meaning .45 caliber, 70 grains of blackpowder and a 405-grain bullet. That was the original load and the original designation, but with the advent of the stronger Springfield 1884, the standard ...45-70. Sized to .458. ACME + Coated Bullets are coated in red Hi-Tek coating and nicknamed "Lipstick" rounds. These bullets are cast from 92-6-2 alloy (BNH 16) and are then coated with Hi-Tek coating. The benefits to shooting coated bullets are numerous and include: The coating molecularly bonds to the bullet totally encapsulating it.

I just shot a variety of loads with some buddies at the range. One of the loads was a 300-gr. Hornady with 55 grs. of IMR 4198. With that bullet and powder the Hodgdon website lists the starter load at 53.7 (2293 fps from 24" barrel) and max. load at 57.2 (2407 fps). These are 1895 Marlin "Lever Action" load levels.Swiss Black Powder. Swiss Black Powder, from The Aubonne Black Powder Mill, founded in 1853, has long been considered to be The Best in black powder due to a long tradition of quality in components and workmanship. ... Excellent for cannons, mortars, shotguns, 45-70 & larger Black Powder Cartridge Rifle's (BPCR) 1.5Fg: 035"-.054" Great for a ...Oct 25, 2017 · 1Forecon. I have both the IMR4198 and IMR3031 as you mentioned. What my pops used to load in his trapdoor was 3031 with 405gr cast and jacketed. I'm upping the pressures a tad and going with more than the 37.5gr of 3031 he used a lot/me too (a mild 1200-1300fps load).In the 16" guns on a battle ship they used a pack of black powder to ignite the packs of smokeless powder that was much slower burning. So black powder was the "kicker" here. In the 45-70 a small load of smokeless pistol powder was used behind the black powder to keep the barrel much cleaner and avoid having to swab the barrel between shots.45 SPFN Weight (grains) 400 Ballistic Coefficient 0.259 Sectional Density 0.272 COAL Tested 2.540" Speer Part No. 2479 Propellant Case Primer Weight (grains) Muzzle Velocity (feet/sec) Weight (grains) Alliant AR-Comp Winchester CCI 200 53.0 1803 56.0 Hodgdon H335 Winchester CCI 250 54.0 1724 58.0 Accurate 2015 Winchester CCI 200 48.0 1685 …

IMR-4198 and H4198 are very good powders for the 45/70 from mild trapdoor loads to heavy hitting teeth rattling loads for lever actions or even stronger Ruger #1's and converted Mausers. 07-31-2011, 09:02 AM #8. paborn.First Attempt at 45-70 BP Cartridges on my own equipment. Rick coached me through 30 rounds last week on his equipment. I have powder coated and greased bullets that Rick gave me from a Lee 457-340-f mold that weigh out at 350gr. I'm using GOEX 2F powder. Cases are from 3 different manufacturers of unknown lots. Primers are Federal LR. ….

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45-70 Gov smokeless loads for Sharps. Hello to all this is my first post. My latest foray into the hobby of shooting is developing an accurate smokeless load for my new Pedersoli Sharps rifle in 45-70. I will go the black powder rout eventually but for now to save money (BP is expensive) and the extra case cleaning requirements for black powder ...The .45-70 fired a .45 caliber 405 grain projectile over 70 grains of black powder for a muzzle velocity of roughly 1200fps. The official military designation of the new cartridge was the .45-70-405.

7363 posts · Joined 2009. #2 · Oct 2, 2021. I only loaded 45-70 in my 1895 Marlin which is a strong gun and there were special loads published for the 1895 Marlin. I used both 38-42 gr of IMR 4198 and 52-55 gr of H322 behind Speer 400 gr FN. The heavy H322 loads required a lot of compression of the ball powder.Mar 3, 2020 · 755. I worked up 405 gr cast with Unique in my 45/70 handi rifle until the case head expanded and brass flowed into the extractor misfit. Quickload thinks that is 87,000 psi 1900 fps. I started the work up with 15 gr 25 kpsi 1300 fps. I think Unique is a very good powder for 45/70 low velocities.Around 44 gr. of IMR-4198 should get him in the ballpark for that velocity. IMR-4198 and H4198 are very good powders for the 45/70 from mild trapdoor loads to heavy hitting teeth rattling loads for lever actions or even stronger Ruger #1's and converted Mausers. 07-31-2011, 09:02 AM #8.

sks.ansan.bahywan Location: S.Cal. Powder for medium 45-70 loads. by m.wun » Sat Aug 26, 2017 2:28 am. Looking to start some 45-70 reloading. Cast or jacketed are both open … fylm sksy mamysksy bardar Reloder ® 7. Rifle Powders. Smokeless small rifle powder. Designed for small caliber varmint loads, it meters consistently and meets the needs of the most demanding bench … 703 829 0828 But here's my take and experience on recoil in a 45-70 Contender. I've got 2 45-70 Contender barrels. A S-16 unbraked and unscoped, and a SS 14" Hunter barrel, which of course is factory braked and has a 2X Leupy mounted in a Redfield 3-Ring rig. I think most would agree the 14" 'er would be more pleasant to shoot.For a single powder for the 45-70, I'd have to go with H322. It shoots cast well and it can take one to the top without pressures getting fickle as can happen with faster powders. 45-70, 350 NorthFork 45-70, 350 Speer 30 WCF, 170 Core-Lokt. Save Share. Like. Golsovia. 2036 posts · ... 45-70 loads I'm getting 1706 fps with a 420 grain GC cast ... the beatles donsksy znwjfylm sksy ansan ba hywan 14875 posts · Joined 2005. #10 · Dec 12, 2007. Trail Boss is fairly quick, being intended for revolver ammunition. The loads listed by IMR for the .45-70 using this powder can be matched by equal weights of Bullseye sometimes and Unique other times. Plenty quick enough for heavy slugs in any event.H335 is probably the powder that will give you the most velocity. Somebody mentioned Unique, the pistol and shotgun powder. Love the stuff. Below is a page from the Speer manual for loading the 45-70 with 400-405 grain jacketed bullets. mwdl ash sks .45-70 Government (Lever Actions) (Hodgdon Data) reloading data with 56 loads. Using bullets from Sierra HP, Hornady JRN, Speer JFP. Powders include IMR, Hodgdon alexandra kay thatfylm sks ba zyrnwyswhen is taylor swift One .45-70 load approximates the performance of the original .45-70 Govt black powder loading of a 405 grain bullet (.307 BC) at 1350 feet per second while the other is a 325gr Hornady LEVERevolution factory load (.230 BC). The .30-06 Springfield load is a 150 grain Nosler Partition (.387 BC) at 3,000 feet per second.